Going through finals for my classes, and I'm going to have a short animation piece to share! Here's a teaser: it was based off a dream I had involves leeches and squids.
For those of you intrigued by the game we put out, Painted Walls, I posted a brief introduction to what Visual Novels are precisely in the writing section. Well, not too precisely anyway...and I also provided a bunch of reference material and some of my own personal opinions on what makes a visual novel good.

It's been awhile, but since this is our main collaboration piece until the summer (we've got another one coming), I've decided to go back and revise the script, and make the game a more work easy; that means less scrolling through until you get to the next ending.
Hey guys, I decided to leave you all with a present! I put up a bunch of poetry I had from last year, based on my poetry fiction portfolio. I also put up some 1sentencefics for Dresden Dolls, a post cabaret punk band that lasted from about '05-'07. 
Just posted our finished horror game Painted Walls! Go check it out in the Games Section!
Updated with archived content from around the internet. The game section has links to my dress up dolls and demon diary game.

The writing section has been updated with links to whatever I found on LJ from both our journals. 

Condensed gueve&lin pages to singular "about."
So lets keep this updated.